There are several reasons why you might see black screen instead of a camera stream. Please find a platform you are using from the table of contents or check the general black screen issues section.

Table of contents:


  • The most common reason is that some other service is using your device's camera. The camera's video service can not be used by multiple applications simultaneously. Please make sure to close other applications that are using your camera. The same applies to applications that recently used your camera, but are still active and running. Some common applications include Skype, FaceTime, Messenger or any live streaming services. After closing the other applications, please refresh the page or restart the device and try again.
  • It might be that your camera's resolution is too low to get a good quality pictures and our system is automatically blocking the camera. The minimum requirement is 480px x 640px. If your camera's resolution is lower that this, it's not possible to proceed and we recommend to try again with a mobile device if possible.
  • A black screen instead of the camera stream is also shown then the browser which is used is not supported. You can check if you are using a supported browser here: Supported Browsers.
  • It's possible that your network has restricted you from sharing your camera stream. This is common for working environment. To eliminate this issue, please connect to a different network by different provider and try again.


The problem is most likely that our service has not been given permission to use your web camera and microphone. Here's how to do it:

1) Tap the lock-shaped button

2) Tap "Site settings"

3)Tap on camera and microphone permissions and choose "allow"

4)Click back to resume to the verification process, refresh the page and try again.


The problem is most likely that you our service isn't allowed to use your web camera and microphone. Here's how to do it:

1) Tap refresh button

2) Allow our service to use your web camera and microphone

3) Sometimes you also need to click on the disallowed camera button and refresh the page after doing so

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