The most basic requirement for an ID document to be accepted by Veriff's service is to display a portrait photo, holder's name, date of birth and document number. Without these elements, a document cannot be used to verify the person's identity and the verification session will be resubmitted with the reason "Document type not supported". 

Here are the basic elements we extract:

  • name
  • date of Birth/Year of birth* 
  • expiry date (if displayed on the document)
  • document type
  • document Number
  • personal number (national identity number if displayed)
  • issuing country ISO
  • gender (if displayed on the document)

*Some documents have only the year of birth present. In this case, the year of birth is extracted, but in all other cases the full date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY) is extracted.

The following data fields can be added for extraction as an option. If they are necessary for your business, we'll be able to extract them additionally. This information is not generally used and is rarely presented on ID documents. 

  • nationality (if displayed on the document)
  • citizenship (if displayed on the document)
  • date of issue (if displayed on the document)

We do not collect and forward the following information, even when displayed on the document: 

  • place of birth
  • address
  • tax number
  • social security number
  • other names (ex. parents' names, maiden names)

We do not perform age validation or employ decision logic based on name matching

There might be many document versions within one document type that we verify.
In other words, some versions of a document might have certain data fields, whereas other versions might now. If Veriff accepts a document type for a verification, that means all the versions are accepted, so we will only extract only the information available on that specific version of the document.

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